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-Flavors currently available.
  1. alibi                     
  2. bad influence         
  3. conquest               
  4. good time             
  5. head trip               
  6. honest opinion      
  7. hot date              
  8. striptease             
  9. tongue twister      
  10. wake-up call         

All shots contain 10% alc/vol.
-Where can I buy jelatini?
At your local liquor store, beer and wine retailer or bar. You, the consumer, will be helping
us to expand nationally, so ask for it!
-How is jelatini packaged?
Each case is packaged in 10 packs of the "Perfect 10" which includes all 10 flavors. Our
product will be sold by the case and in 10-packs at your local retailer. You can also
purchase shots individually at bars that carry jelatini.
-How many jelatini are in a case?
Each case will include 100 50 ml shots.
-Is jelatini ready to serve?
jelatini is vegan-based, ready-to-serve and does not require refrigeration if stored at or
below 70°.
-jelatini will have a green start.
No need to recycle our cups, they're biodegradable.
Tropical Island Punch
Piña Colada
Sex on the Beach
Strawberry Watermelon
Orange Pineapple
Cinnamon Fire
Cranberry Grape
Sour Apple