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We are vegan-based (no gelatin or
animal product) using plant extracts
that gel instantly locking the alcohol
evenly throughout the product.
Jelatini is shelf-stable at 72° or
refrigerate as desired.
Each shot is manufactured and
packaged in biodegradable
50mL containers at our
family-run winery in Dallas,
Texas. Our very popular
Perfect10 pack consists of one
of each of our 10 unique
flavors. Each shot contains 10%
alc/vol (20 proof). Whatever
your next event, get-together
or party, with Jelatini,
just serve and chill!
All site content is owned by Jelatini, LLC
Driven by consumer
demand, Jelatini is breaking
barriers in the liquor
industry as a ready-to-serve
wine specialty product in
packaging that is instantly